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"I shouldn't feel this way"

A statement I hear too often. "Should" is often the influence of our environment and is not true to our own experience.

Our emotions are our own and although they maybe frowned upon by others they are our true self in this particular moment of time. They are no one else's business. Our reaction to our emotions however may impact others.

We can acknowledge our emotions and embrace them as our own while being mindful of our reaction and actions in response to them as they might be harmful to others.

Our feelings and embodied experience in the here and now can be a doorway to our values, beliefs and sometimes to our creative adjustments. They can inform us about ourselves and our past. If we dismiss them we might miss out on a lot of information about ourselves. Our emotions are usually developed in response to our perception of what is happening informed by our past experiences, our values, beliefs and culture. Reality is there is no particular way we "should" feel only what is.

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