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A helpful practice when faced with challenging emotions

Since I have shared my experience with you yesterday, I decided to continue to share my journey with the hope that you can continue to relate and find inspiration for yourself.

I woke up this morning with a terrible headache caused by my neck troubles. So I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. This is an easy task for most but in my case it meant pain in my back then as I tried to move my neck around, I noticed severe pain and stiffness.

The emotions I noticed as a result of this were frustration and deep sadness. I also experienced loss of hope and grief.

As I became aware of these emotions, I decided to notice where I felt them in my body and without judgement, I breathed into them allowing them to be. Then with intention I decided to make myself a coffee, sit and enjoy it quietly while I waited for my painkillers to take effect.

Next time you are experiencing challenging emotions, acknowledge them, notice them in your body and without judgement take a deep breath allowing them to be. Then with intention decide the next self caring activity you are going to do. It is a simple practice which you might find helpful.

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