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What is your statement?

I decided to share with you my statement for today with the hope to inspire you to rise above your challenging circumstances.

I choose to take ownership of my life.

As I explained yesterday, the recent events have left me feeling hopeless and helpless.

I cannot control my pain. I cannot control the emotions that overwhelm my body in response to being in constant pain. But I can control how I respond to my current situation and choose to take ownership of my response and life.

I choose to continue to do the things that make me happy regardless of the level of pain I am experiencing. After all I am in pain regardless. I choose to rise above the feelings of hopelessness and helplessness and master my response to them.

This is my statement for today. A statement like this one can empower you and influence your perception of and response to your situation.

What is your statement for today?

Take a few minutes to write one down, read it and notice how you feel in response to it.

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