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Fear is an emotion and a reality we create for ourselves.

Fear is a real emotion but what we fear is often an elusion about what the future holds.

Our fear is often fueled by our past encounters and our anxiety about the unknown. With this awareness, we can make an informed choice about how to respond to our fears.

Will this prevent us from experiencing fear about the uncertain tomorrow?

Probably not but what we do with this emotion is key to our wellbeing.

We are unique individuals and coping strategies that work for one may or may not work for another but increased self-awareness is effective for all. What we do in response to our increased awareness is unique to each of us.

In my case, I find self-talk to be very effective at easing my fears.

When I am faced with fear about the future, I remind myself that it is an emotion not a fact and I make a conscious choice to pay attention to the here and now.

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