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"Am I good enough?"

"Am I good enough"

Does this question sound familiar?

If you ask yourself this question then you are not alone. Many of us struggle with this question on a regular basis.

We may or may not be meeting the expectations of others. We may or may not be meeting our own expectations.

Either way the expectations of others and our own are the result of perceptions of what or who we "should" be.

What are these perceptions based on and who decides what they "should" be?

Opinions, values, societal norms, labels and boxes we are expected to fit into.

I might strive to be a better person, I might like to change a few things about the way I live my life but does this mean I am not good enough as I am?

Or if I do believe that I am good enough, does this make me stagnant not want to ever grow or change?

An example I once watched someone describe;

Imagine, if I were to stand on one leg, I would be quiet unstable. When I try to take a step towards change, my step forward will also be unstable. On the other hand, if I were to stand on my 2 feet and be stable in my stand then I can take a stable step forward.

What does this mean?

It means if I am personally and mentally unstable trying to take a step forward towards growth and change I will become even more unstable. For my step forward to be stable I need to first stabilise myself on my two feet.

I choose to accept myself for who and what I am. With self-acceptance comes personal growth and stability then I can choose to take a step towards further growth and change.

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