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Co-creators of moments in time

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Whenever two individuals communicate with one another the space co-created between them consists of; the individuals' past, present, future and the space they co-create in that moment. Each individual brings into the space all their experiences, values, culture, perceptions and everything else that makes them who they are. The communication between the two becomes a back and forth dance where at times they merge and other times they differentiate. Although this experience is shared by the two individuals, the perception of the experience of each of these individuals will vary greatly. This is because we view the world from our own perspective which is influenced by our environment, our past experiences, our status and state at the time of the meeting as well as what the other person brings to the encounter. No moment in time can ever be re-created ever because every moment is shaped by all of the above and more.

When we have an encounter with another individual we perceive this person's input as a separate entity from our own input and forget that we are co-participants in the creation of this moment in time. We might not be able to influence the responses, behaviours or reactions of the other individual but we can certainly help influence the encounter.

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