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The reality of judgements

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

The fear of being judged by others is a common fear that many of us experience and live by on a day to day basis. When others judge us we feel hurt, anxious and maybe even shamed.

A judgement is the result of a person's perception of their observations of us. This leaves me wondering how much of this judgement is actually about us and how much of it is about its owner's perception of what they are observing. Remember a person's perceptions are hugely influenced by their own values, past experiences, beliefs, culture and environment. Therefore, a judgement is mainly the individual's personal influence mixed with their observations of us.

Yes I am aware that we are co-creators in everything that happens around us but it is also important to be aware of the impact of the individual's personal perception of us before swallowing whole their judgements about us. We can only take responsibility for the role we play in this judgement but we are not to own their perceptions too. This can be dangerous to our mental wellbeing and can be anxiety triggering impacting the way we live our lives.

So the next time you receive a judgement from another person, remember that much of this judgement is the result of their personal perception of you influenced by the way they view the world and others and is far from it being a fact about you.

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